House rules


Romano Kher Budapest Roma Cultural House


House rules

The House Rules apply to all employees, visitors, and those using the facilities of the institution.

General Information about the Romano Kher Budapest Roma Cultural Center:

  • The headquarters of the institution is: 1081 Budapest, Népszínház Street 31.
  • The branch of the institution is: 1077 Budapest, Király Street 67.
  • The institution's email address is:
  • The Institution's website:
  • The institution's Facebook page: Romano Kher Budapest Roma Cultural House

Opening hours:

  • Monday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM - 8 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM - 8 PM

On weekends and public holidays, the opening hours are adjusted according to the current programs, about which we inform our audience in the foyer and on our website.

  1. The programs (free, registration required, with admission fee) are accessible up to the capacity limits of the rooms.
  2. The condition for attending our ticketed programs is the purchase of a ticket. The ways to do this include: - Online ticket purchase.
  3. Every person present in the building is obliged to protect the property of the institution, use the institution's furnishings as intended, preserve the order and cleanliness of the institution, follow the rules of community and social life, conserve energy resources, act in accordance with the general fire safety and accident prevention regulations, and comply with occupational and health safety rules. Intentional damage entails liability for compensation.
  4. The opening and closing of the institution (including events after regular hours and on weekends) are the responsibilities of the facility's caretaker and director. During working hours, employees may move around using entry cards. Employees may only stay in the institution outside of working hours with the approval of the institution's director. Tenants cannot receive keys to the building for security reasons; access for entering and exiting during events is managed by a supervisory staff member provided by the institution, who will coordinate with the caretaker or director.
  5. Bringing alcoholic beverages into the building is permitted with the approval of the institution's director. The sale of alcoholic beverages on the premises is also possible only with the approval of the institution's director. In addition to this permission, the seller is obligated to comply with the laws regulating the sale of alcoholic beverages.
  6. Smoking and the use of mind-altering substances are prohibited throughout the entire building. A designated smoking area is located 5 meters from the entrance.
  7. Technical equipment may only be operated by the employees of Romano Kher or persons authorized by the director.
  8. The institution is not responsible for accidents resulting from the improper use of equipment and devices during programs.
  9. The employees of Romano Kher or its professional partners may take photo and audio recordings of events. By accepting the House Rules, visitors to the programs consent to being included in these recordings.
  10. Photography for personal use is allowed within the building, provided that the activity respects the right to protection of personal data of others. The media may only film or record within the building premises with prior written permission, which can be requested via email at or at the office. For external visitors, taking photos or recording sound at events using any device (including mobile phones) for personal purposes is allowed, taking into account that video recording, sound recording, or live streaming of the entire duration of the event is only possible with the approval of the institution's director. Non-compliance with this rule may result in consequences for violating data protection, copyright, and related rights.
  11. The institution does not assume responsibility for personal valuables brought into the premises.
  12. Please be aware that a surveillance camera system is in operation throughout the entire building.
  13. In the event of an extraordinary occurrence (e.g., natural disaster, fire, bomb threat, etc.), visitors are required to precisely follow the instructions of Romano Kher employees.
  14. In case of any danger or accident detection, the nearest adult, employees of Romano Kher, and the phone numbers of the authorities competent in the matter should be notified:
  • AMBULANCE - 104
  • POLICE - 107
  • Callable from a mobile phone - 112
  1. Employees of the cultural center will take action against any person exhibiting behavior that disrupts the operation of the institution. In severe cases, with the approval of the sponsor, organizations, individuals, or in justified cases based on an individual decision, may be banned from the premises.
  2. In the case of renting out rooms, the user/tenant is responsible for the integrity of the building's furnishings. In the event of damage, the user(s) can be obligated to pay for the damages.  
  3. The Institution does not have its own parking lot; parking is possible on public streets in accordance with traffic regulations.

Employees of the institution have the right to expel those who violate the House Rules from the building. Violating the House Rules may lead to criminal liability. We ask our visitors to approach our staff with any observations or problems they may have.

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